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    Month: May 2015


    Who Is at Fault for My Chil...

    Children are born with birth defects for a number of reasons. Many times, the defect is beyond anyone’s control. Other times, it could have been prevented. If you can prove that a medical practitioner or pharmaceutical company provided your child with inadequate care during pregnancy, they may be at fault for your baby’s birth defect. Learn whe [...]

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    How Your Criminal Record is Affecting Your College Application

    How Your Criminal Record is...

    Applying for college should be an exciting and memorable time in every young person's life. However, when you have a criminal record, applying for college can be less exciting, and more stressful. No one should have their future threatened by one mistake they made in their past. If you are getting ready to further your education, here is everything [...]

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    When Is a Pardon Granted?

    When Is a Pardon Granted?

    A pardon is an act of mercy that absolves a person from all or part of punishment they have been sentenced to by law. The governor is the only person who can grant a pardon and at least two state cabinet members must be in agreement. Learn more about the pardons and when they are granted, here: Clemency in Florida Clemency is mercy or leniency exte [...]

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    How Can I Get My Mugshot Taken Offline?

    How Can I Get My Mugshot Ta...

    The Internet makes it increasingly difficult to keep certain facets of our lives private. With the steady use of social media and the like, many of us leave a “digital trail” behind for everyone to see. This can be extremely problematic if your digital trail contains things you do not want everyone to see—like a mugshot. Ultimately, mugshot [...]

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    What is Compassionate release?

    What Is Compassionate Release?

    Former American attorney, Lynne Stewart, was known for representing controversial and unpopular defendants. She garnered more attention after she was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted on charges of conspiracy and terrorism support. Although Stewart should have served until 2020, she was granted compassionate release at the end o [...]

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    Florida Ranked the Most Dangerous State For Pedestrians

    Florida Ranked the Most Dan...

    The Tampa Bay area often prides itself on being pedestrian-friendly, with long waterfront sidewalks, centrally located parks and bustling downtown areas encompassed with nearby attractions. The truth, however, is that the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater area is actually the second most dangerous metro area for pedestrians in the entire country. Ou [...]

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    Is My Criminal Record Affec...

    A recent study by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that 92 percent of employers run background checks on job applicants—so it is not surprising that having a criminal record can hinder your chance at getting a job. Fortunately, you may be able to have your criminal record cleared, which can ultimately help you on your job search. [...]

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    Can I Lose My License Becau...

    A ticket for running a stop sign or driving 10 miles over the speed limit most likely will not leave you without a driver’s license. However, if you have had several previous violations in a short period of time, that may be the case. As with most states, Florida’s process for suspending licenses is based on a point system. If you accrue a cer [...]

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