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    Month: January 2016

    How Does an Ankle Bracelet Work?

    How Does an Ankle Bracelet ...

    Along with an increasing drive to lower the Florida prison population has come renewed interest in ankle bracelets. It is becoming more common to see people wearing these devices. Many wonder exactly how these devices work. The Purpose of Ankle Bracelets and House Confinement The primary purpose of electronic monitoring is to limit the mobility of [...]

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    What to Know About Rental Venues and Personal Injury Claims

    What to Know About Rental V...

    Planning an event can be rewarding and stressful. Hopefully, things will go well, and guests will show up and enjoy themselves. However, parties often involve alcohol, and merrymaking can turn dismal if an intoxicated guest injures themselves or another. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, including rented spaces, but who is responsible for [...]

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