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    Month: October 2018

    Is It Worth Getting a Lawye...

    Like most states, drivers in Florida accept that they are subject to implied consent statutes when they operate a motor vehicle. This means if police stop you for suspicion of operating under the influence, you are obligated to take field sobriety tests—one of which is a Breathalyzer test. What is not always clear is what options you have should [...]

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    Methamphetamine Arrests in ...

    Methamphetamine, also known by its street names ice, crystal, speed, and crank, is a highly addictive and dangerous drug. While its medicinal forms are legal, albeit highly restricted, a user who does not possess a valid prescription may face third degree felony charges. Beyond that, a person who possesses a chemical essential to making methamph [...]

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    Am I Responsible for a DUI ...

    Last year in Florida, authorities issued 43,899 driving under the influence (DUI ) violation tickets, resulting in 24,334 DUI convictions. If you host a party that involves alcohol and/or drugs, and from which some guests are driving home, there is always a chance that one or more of your guests end the night with a DUI arrest. Not only do drunk [...]

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    Can You Vote in Florida Wit...

    People convicted of felony offenses often continue to struggle with the consequences for years after their release. Felony convictions are included on your criminal record, and most background checks will reveal them. Felony convictions can make finding employment, obtaining federal loans, and securing housing more difficult. A felony conviction [...]

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    The Many Collateral Consequ...

    Florida law makes driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, or controlled substances one offense, proven by “impairment of normal faculties” or an unlawful blood alcohol or breath alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more. Regardless of how prosecutors prove the offense, the penalties are the same. A person’s f [...]

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    How Do I Beat a Prescriptio...

    Prescription fraud has become an epidemic in the United States. To prevent it, many pharmacies and medical facilities have enacted strict security measures regarding prescription drugs. As a result of this crackdown, the number of prescription fraud charges has surged in recent years, including those based on false accusations. If you are charged w [...]

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