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    Month: June 2019

    The High Cost of Not Defend...

    Anyone who has driven down Florida highways has seen the billboards saying “A cab ride is cheaper than a DUI.” It’s true. But if you’ve made the mistake of getting behind the wheel after having too many drinks, choosing to not defend your DUI is a grave mistake. If you’re convicted of a DUI, the costs associated with this conviction of [...]

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    Steps to Take When a Child ...

    If the police have arrested your child, you may be feeling helpless, shocked, and angry. You’re probably also feeling protective. No matter the reason why your child was arrested, they are your child and you want to protect them. That is understandable. Above all else, however, it’s important to remain calm. Becoming emotional when interacti [...]

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    Searches and Seizures at DU...

    Anyone who has stumbled upon a DUI checkpoint or seen flashing blue and red lights in their rear view mirror, and has had a few drinks, is probably concerned. They’re worried about all the bad things that could happen if they’re charged with a DUI. They could spend time in jail, pay fines, lose their license, or even their job. Anytime anyon [...]

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