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    THC versus Marijuana Charges in Florida

    In the last decade, 11 states have legalized recreational marijuana use (as of July 2019) and many other states have legalized medical marijuana or decriminalized marijuana possession. Legalization has resulted in many advances in available forms of marijuana, including a product called THC oil. To create this product, THC oil [...]

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    How Will Valid Marijuana Medical Cards Change Criminal Charges?

    Florida residents who are on probation after a criminal conviction are subject to random drug screenings. Even if that person holds a valid medical marijuana card, they can sometimes face penalties if a drug test detects THC in their system. As of June of 2019, there were 237,729 Florida residents [...]

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    Police Stops: Your Legal Rights

    Police stops can be tense situations that result in serious legal repercussions when handled poorly. In order to get through these encounters safely, it is important to know what rights you have, and how to exercise them properly. What to Do if You’re Pulled Over Find a safe place to [...]

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    Can Manslaughter Be a Misdemeanor

    Under Florida law, manslaughter involves the killing of a human being that does not fit within the definition of murder or felony-murder. Murder generally involves either a "depraved heart," "reckless disregard for human life," or felony-murder, which is a murder committed during the commission or attempted commission of an inherently [...]

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    Can a Probation Violation Be Dismissed?

    Following a misdemeanor or felony conviction, a Florida judge may impose probation instead of—or in addition to—incarceration in a county jail or state prison. However, a probation sentence requires the offender to comply fully with all of the terms of the probation. These conditions usually include some or all of [...]

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    Can an Assault Conviction be Expunged?

    Unfortunately, a criminal record can have a serious impact on your ability to find a job, find a decent place to live, or gain admission to the college or university of your choice. In some cases, however, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the offense, you may be eligible [...]

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    The Juice is (Almost) Loose: Parole and Probation Violations

    On July 20th of this year, one of the most noted parole hearings in recent memory resulted in former NFL-player and actor O.J. Simpson winning his case for freedom. O.J., who was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon, served the minimum amount of his 33-year [...]

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    Voting Rights for Felons Are Up for Debate in Florida

    It is your right as an American to vote, right? Well, once you are a convicted felon, that can be debatable. If you have committed a crime and served your time, then you should be able to vote; that is the way many Americans see the issue. Why should this [...]

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    You Have the Right to Remain Silent: Your Miranda Rights

    You have probably heard this many times on TV crime dramas: "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…” Yes, these are the words spoken by a police officer to a suspect who has been placed [...]

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    Foreign Nationals Need to Think Twice About Accepting a Plea Agreement

    Plea deals are sometimes a way for both sides—the defendant and the prosecution—to resolve a criminal case in a way that avoids the uncertainties involved with taking a case to trial. However, if you are an immigrant, a plea bargain—or a plea deal—may end up being a worse deal than [...]

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