The Basics of Child Custody in 10 Minutes

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    Upset child caught in the midst of her parents' dispute over child custody following a divorce, experiencing the emotional strain of the situation.

    What Do I Do if I Suspect or Have Proof My Ex Is Putting My Child at Risk?

    When you share custody of your child, you may worry when their other parent has them. People take different approaches toward parenting and do not always agree on how to co-parent healthily. Some situations escalate and create a serious cause for concern over your child’s safety and well-being.  If you [...]

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    What Factors Are Considered When Determining Child Custody

    What Factors Are Considered When Determining Child Custody?

    Child custody determinations are a highly emotional aspect of the divorce process. The decisions made during these proceedings influence parents' relationships with their children and the child's well-being. Parents, caregivers, and legal practitioners can explain the factors that courts often consider when determining child custody, which Florida calls time-sharing. Schedule [...]

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    My Ex Won’t Abide by Custody Arrangements. What Do I Do?

    ​My Ex Won’t Abide by Custody Arrangements. What Do I Do?

    If you are in a child custody situation where the other parent won’t follow the decisions made by the family court judge, you may be frustrated, angry, and unsure of what to do. Your divorce lawyer may have been instrumental in helping you achieve a divorce decree that’s fair to [...]

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    How Do I Request Child Support Modification

    ​How Do I Request Child Support Modification?

    Any divorce presents many challenges and difficulties. This is true even when the separating partners are as amicable as possible. However, the process becomes more complex when the divorcing parties have children. One of the primary concerns for separating parents is the modification of child support orders. Fortunately, the courts [...]

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    Are Mothers More Likely to Get Child Custody During Divorce

    ​Are Mothers More Likely to Get Child Custody During Divorce?

    Children are the most important—and often the most contentious—consideration in a divorce. Fortunately, Florida law seeks to protect the interests of children at every stage of the proceedings. Previously, this protection included giving default custody to the mother during a divorce in most cases. However, this policy has changed in [...]

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    What Is Time Sharing?

    ​What Is Time Sharing?

    When families with a child (or children) split up, custody of that child becomes perhaps the most important aspect of the divorce proceedings. During these proceedings, Florida judges must contemplate what’s in the best interests of the minors and set a time-sharing schedule based on the evidence presented by both [...]

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    if have joint custody, do still have to pay child support

    ​If I Have Joint Custody, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

    Child support cases can be one of the most contentious legal processes. Any divorce lawyer can tell you that even the most amicable separations are challenging. When the separating partners have a child, the potential for disagreements is high. Joint custody is when both parents share the responsibilities associated with [...]

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    Child Support Can Expect to Receive

    ​How Much Child Support Can I Expect to Receive?

    Divorce is an emotionally difficult and personally taxing process. This is true even in the most amicable separations. The process of divorce can be even more difficult when children are involved. If you are going through a breakup or divorce, you may have considered financial child support. Because one parent [...]

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    Child Vaccine and Custody

    Child Custody/Timesharing and COVID-19 Vaccines

    The coronavirus pandemic created many new legal issues that family courts rarely had to address before. For any parent, one of the most pressing issues today is whether a child should get the COVID-19 vaccine. The FDA approved vaccines for children over the age of five. When parents cannot agree [...]

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    7 Common Questions About Child Custody Laws KLG Florida

    7 Common Questions About Child Custody Laws

    Did you know that Florida has the fourth-highest number of divorces in America? With over 13 percent of the population divorced, there’s a lot of potential for childfren to get entangled in the mess. If you’re thinking about divorce or have just separated, you may wonder how your kids will [...]

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