Overview of Divorce Laws in Florida

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    Can I Get Alimony While Still Married

    Can I Get Alimony While Still Married?

    When you hear the term alimony, you might picture a divorced couple, with one party providing financial support to the other. But in some circumstances, a married person can receive alimony. Reach out a St. Petersburg spousal support and alimony lawyer for legal assistance and help. Schedule a Free Initial Consultation Understanding [...]

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    Guardian ad litem vs social investigators

    Guardian ad Litem vs. Social Investigator

    Sometimes parents need some extra help when going through a divorce. That help can be in the form of independent psychological evaluations to determine the fitness of a parent to take care of the children or just extra support to create and carry out parenting schedules. The statutes provide for [...]

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    Spousal Support Attorney St. Petersburg FL

    ​What Types of Spousal Support Am I Eligible For?

    When it comes to finances in a marriage, one spouse is often dependent upon the other. If the two get divorced, the dependent spouse often wonders how they will maintain their lifestyle once the divorce is finalized. The answer is through spousal support or alimony payments. Spousal support refers to [...]

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    can a child choose which parent they want to live with

    ​Can a Child Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With?

    When divorcing parents cannot agree on sharing responsibility for the children, they often seek guidance from a child custody lawyer. One of the most frequently asked questions of divorce attorneys in Florida is whether the children can select which parent they wish to primarily reside with. When custody is contentious, [...]

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    Can I Relocate My Kids out of State During Divorce Proceedings 1

    ​Can I Relocate My Kids out of State During Divorce Proceedings?

    Life doesn’t stop, even when you’re going through a divorce. Therefore, moving in the middle of your divorce proceedings may become necessary. While it is possible to relocate with your kids during divorce proceedings, there are certain essential steps to take before you may legally do so. If you’re interested [...]

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    Which Spouse Pays Alimony

    ​Which Spouse Pays Alimony?

    Alimony is available in Florida divorce cases, but any experienced divorce lawyer will tell you that it is not guaranteed. Which spouse pays alimony? After considering a multitude of factors, the courts decide whether alimony is appropriate or not. They also determine the duration, the amount, and the conditions of [...]

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    How Do I Request Child Support Modification

    ​How Do I Request Child Support Modification?

    Any divorce presents many challenges and difficulties. This is true even when the separating partners are as amicable as possible. However, the process becomes more complex when the divorcing parties have children. One of the primary concerns for separating parents is the modification of child support orders. Fortunately, the courts [...]

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    What Is Time Sharing?

    ​What Is Time Sharing?

    When families with a child (or children) split up, custody of that child becomes perhaps the most important aspect of the divorce proceedings. During these proceedings, Florida judges must contemplate what’s in the best interests of the minors and set a time-sharing schedule based on the evidence presented by both [...]

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    Coparent After a Divorce

    ​How to Coparent After a Divorce?

    Florida has a policy that favors joint custody. Florida’s child custody laws favor children having frequent contact with both parents after a divorce. As a result, Florida requires courts to order shared parental responsibility for children with limited exceptions. The odds are good that the judge in your case will [...]

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    Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order KLG Law

    Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order?

    It is generally recognized under family law that there are times when circumstances change, such that one or both parents may wish to have a parenting time order changed to accommodate the newly changed circumstances. It does not make any difference under the law whether these changes are for better [...]

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