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divorcing a narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist: Tips, Tools, and What to Expect

The process of divorce, in general, can be overwhelming; however, when divorcing a narcissistic person, you can add many extra challenges along the way. The ideas of working things out, dialogue, mediation, and avoiding going to court are not included in the vocabulary of a self-centered person. But how can [...]

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Child custody

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Child Support Concerns?

Child support is meant to cover the basic needs of your child, but what do you do if the payer isn't making payments? When married couples have children and get a divorce, many end up getting involved with child support services. Child support is a payment provided to the parent [...]

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Prenuptial agreement

Basics of Prenuptial Agreements

Whoever you hear the words prenuptial agreement, you might begin to fear that it means your relationship won't survive. On the contrary, having a prenuptial agreement is more about protecting your personal assets and other finances you might enter the relationship with or have obtained throughout the relationship. Below you're [...]

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Don’t Hold Back Your Family Law Attorney

Child custody cases can be difficult and emotional. Being a good parent is only part of the equation, and it may be hard to think about splitting your time with your ex-partner. Parents want to believe that the "right" outcome will happen, but this often depends on how your case [...]

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