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    a man in a hoodie holding a gun

    How Do I Beat a Gun Charge in Florida?

    Violent crimes are typically the most strictly prosecuted crimes under Florida law, and violations of the state’s gun laws are no exception. If you’ve been accused of violating state gun laws, whether for carrying, possessing, or discharging a firearm, it’s important that you have the right legal representation to help [...]

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    Will My Child’s Arrest Appear on His or Her Criminal Record?

    Hearing that your child has been arrested is a nightmare scenario for any parent. One of the first concerns for many parents is how an arrest may affect their child’s future. Below we discuss how to determine whether your child’s arrest will remain permanently on his or her criminal record. [...]

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    a long line of traffic cones on a city street at night

    When Are DUI Checkpoints Illegal?

    DUI arrests and charges are more complex than most people realize. Some cases are fairly straightforward, like when drivers are swerving erratically due to their intoxication, and the police immediately pull them over. However, other cases are more complicated, and police frequently toe the line of illegality in their quest [...]

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    a police officer holding a pair of handcuffs

    The Best Way to Fight Murder Charges

    Being charged with murder is quite possibly the most challenging event that any individual could face. Only a small handful of people will ever experience such a hardship, but for those who do, it is important to know the best strategies to employ when fighting such charges. Knowing your own [...]

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    two men in uniform walking down a hallway

    Understand Your Rights After an Arrest

    You were arrested—now what? Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, you should be aware of your rights. Most importantly: stay calm, don’t put up a fight, and contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible. The Right to an Attorney One of the most basic rights in the [...]

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    a man sits at a table with his hands folded

    How to Protect Yourself After an Opioid Arrest—and What to Expect

    According to a recent study published in JAMA Network Open, people addicted to opioids are up to thirteen times more likely to have run-ins with law enforcement than other people. If you were recently arrested for opioid possession, you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to make sure [...]

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    a man is sitting in the driver's seat while another man looks at his cell phone

    DUIs: It’s More than Just Alcohol

    Drivers associate the term DUI, driving under the influence, with alcohol use. However, a DUI goes far beyond the realms of alcohol intoxication. Driving under the influence of marijuana, certain medications, or any other intoxicating substance is enough to warrant a DUI. In fact, legal and illegal drugs other than [...]

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    fireworks in the sky

    What Should I do if I am Pulled Over on the July 4 Holiday?

    Seeing the flashing red and blue lights of a police car in your rearview mirror is never a pleasant experience for anyone—especially over the holidays. With the increased amount of traffic on St. Petersburg roads leading up to the Fourth of July, you can be sure that many police officers [...]

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    a man holding a small piece of paper

    I Was Arrested With Rolling Papers—Now What?

    So many products have everyday, common uses. Plastic bags are used to wrap sandwiches. Rolling papers and pipes are used for smoking ordinary tobacco. How do rolling papers become illegal drug paraphernalia when used (or intended to be used) to ingest, store, or contain a controlled substance. Drug Paraphernalia Defined [...]

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    Criminal Defense Lawyer St. Petersburg Florida

    When Can Your Probation Be Revoked?

    Probation allows you to serve your sentence outside of jail and is a big help for those with families and jobs. Unfortunately, probation is a privilege, not a right, and the court can sometimes revoke it. If you’re afraid of losing your probation, contact a qualified St. Petersburg criminal defense [...]

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