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    Month: April 2018

    How a Marijuana Arrest Can ...

    In the State of Florida, marijuana remains illegal unless it used for medical purposes by an individual who has obtained a doctor’s authorization to use it. If you are charged with or convicted of a crime related to the possession or distribution of marijuana, you will have a criminal record. This record will be accessible to the general public†[...]

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    Expunging a Conviction Can ...

    No one should have to be penalized an entire lifetime for making one bad choice. Under Florida law, you may be eligible to expunge your criminal record if you meet certain qualifications. A records expungement can greatly improve your professional and educational opportunities. This is because a criminal records expungement amounts to the physical [...]

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    The Expungement Process in ...

    A criminal record can have a detrimental effect on a person’s ability to find and keep a job, find a place to live, or gain admission to school. Under the Florida statutes, adult criminal records are made public—that is, unless a court has sealed or expunged the record. While a sealed record is given restricted access, an expunged record is com [...]

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    Can an Assault Conviction b...

    Unfortunately, a criminal record can have a serious impact on your ability to find a job, find a decent place to live, or gain admission to the college or university of your choice. In some cases, however, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the offense, you may be eligible to seal or expunge a criminal record in Florida. To seal or expu [...]

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