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    Month: August 2018

    Florida Drug Court 101

    Florida created treatment-based, court-supervised rehabilitation programs to help nonviolent drug offenders recover from addiction without having to go to jail. From the outset, the programs sought to break the cycle of substance abuse that entraps many drug offenders. Today, each county in Florida may have a drug court plan that provides tailored [...]

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    What Is Drug Court?

    The main purpose of Florida Drug Court Program is to work with chronic drug abusers who are charged with a crime. Drug courts allow for both supervision of offenders, along with the necessary substance abuse management, to allow offenders an opportunity to resolve their drug problems. Most drug court programs require that participants take part in [...]

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    Criminal Defense Lawyer St. Petersburg Florida

    Alternative Sentencing Prog...

    The main purpose of the criminal justice system is to punish criminals, usually with fines or jail time. However, offenders sometimes need rehabilitation more than they need a few years of prison. And sometimes rehabilitating offenders costs the state a lot less money than housing and feeding prisoners. For these reasons, Florida sometimes makes al [...]

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