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    Month: September 2018

    Will My Child’s Arrest Appe...

    Hearing that your child has been arrested is a nightmare scenario for any parent. One of the first concerns for many parents is how an arrest may affect their child’s future. Below we discuss how to determine whether your child’s arrest will remain permanently on his or her criminal record. Deal With Law Enforcement Under Florida law, it [...]

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    Minors Facing Criminal Charges

    Minors—those who are under the age of 18—think differently than adults, and that difference is not always recognized by the criminal justice system. These differences in thinking occur because minors’ brains are still developing. As a result, minors often make decisions and handle situations in a manner opposite of what is expected. Failing t [...]

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    FL Juvenile Defense Lawyer

    The Freshman…Five? Fa...

    You just turned 18, and you are so excited that you finally received your first fake identification card. You walk up to a nightclub and bar. Your friends go in ahead, but when it is your turn, the bouncer at the door looks at your identification card and then at you. He asks you, "Is this a fake ID?" Suddenly, your heart is pounding, but you reass [...]

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