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    Month: June 2018

    Boating in Florida While In...

    As summer quickly approaches, you’ll start to notice more people out in boats enjoying their weekends on the water. Boating is a popular recreational sport in Florida, and with a seemingly endless number of beautiful beaches to choose from, it’s not hard to see why. While relaxing on the water may seem like a perfect time to crack a few beers, [...]

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    I Was Arrested With Rolling...

    So many products have everyday, common uses. Plastic bags are used to wrap sandwiches. Rolling papers and pipes are used for smoking ordinary tobacco. How do rolling papers become illegal drug paraphernalia when used (or intended to be used) to ingest, store, or contain a controlled substance. Drug Paraphernalia Defined Florida Statutes 893.145 d [...]

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    Help! My High School Studen...

    We’re all aware of the recent senseless school shooting in Parkland, Florida. This has resulted in more calls for beefing up school security. With that, tensions flare between privacy, freedom, and individual rights versus the school’s need for safety. Fourth Amendment and Search and Seizure Watch CNN, Law & Order, or any television polic [...]

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