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    Month: August 2018

    Florida Probation Myths And...

    Probation sentences are common for a variety of charges in the state of Florida. Abiding by the regulations of your probation sentence can be a legally demanding process; do not let yourself get confused by complex legal jargon. It is important that you take steps to learn as much as you can about your probation requirements. Failure to follow the [...]

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    Probation Violations Can Se...

    Florida law provides for periods of criminal probation to allow defendants time to rehabilitate themselves. However, probation violations in Florida can result in very serious penalties and consequences, including jail time, fines, and other serious consequences. In all Florida criminal cases, the State has the burden of proving your guilt beyond [...]

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    Can a Probation Violation B...

    Following a misdemeanor or felony conviction, a Florida judge may impose probation instead of—or in addition to—incarceration in a county jail or state prison. However, a probation sentence requires the offender to comply fully with all of the terms of the probation. These conditions usually include some or all of the following: Mandatory re [...]

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    The Juice is (Almost) Loose...

    On July 20th of this year, one of the most noted parole hearings in recent memory resulted in former NFL-player and actor O.J. Simpson winning his case for freedom. O.J., who was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon, served the minimum amount of his 33-year sentence and could be released as early as October 2017. [...]

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