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    Month: August 2018

    Avoiding White-Collar Crime...

    When thinking about business-related thefts, most managers and business owners consider shoplifting, burglaries, and robberies the main source of loss. Nobody wants to think about his own employees engaging in such acts, but studies show that employees cause over 40 percent of all business related theft. According to CNBC, businesses in America los [...]

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    Insurance Fraud is a Seriou...

    Insurance fraud is usually classified as a type of white-collar crime. “White collar crimes” are financially motivated and are usually accomplished with a pen or a computer—rather than with a gun or illegal drugs. Significantly, white collar crimes like insurance fraud can be prosecuted under both state and federal laws, and the penalties [...]

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    White Collar Crime Basics

    The term "white collar crime" is more of a widely acknowledged phrase given to the classification of crime than an actual legal definition. White collar crimes are inherently nonviolent crimes and involve either fraud or dishonesty. The nature of these crimes is financial as opposed to more "violent" crimes such as assault and battery. Although th [...]

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    White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes refer to a class of crimes typically committed by professionals, business people, and/or public officials. White collar crimes typically involve some level of fraud, deceit, theft, or misrepresentation. There is usually also a deliberate attempt to mislead or to falsify information. The following list includes the most common t [...]

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