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T.G. (uncle of client)

“We cannot thank the Khonsari Law Group enough for everything Rohom Khonsari has done for our nephew over these years. He has been just amazing and so steadfastly supportive in bringing him from a very bad place in his life through such a series of tough experiences and challenges, and finally to this success.

And given all of his time and talent and commitment, our nephew is really developing and maturing so well. He feels, as we do, very blessed. He’s always been naturally such a bright and talented kid, but over the past couple of years, it’s been particularly wonderful to see his continuing growth in strength of character, dedication, hard work, and yes, good judgment too. Perhaps it was the testing in the caldron, but whatever the reasons, we are just so thankful, and so deeply grateful for Mr. Khonsari’s assistance in our nephew’s criminal case and for assisting him personally.”


Home Invasion Robbery in Hillsborough County

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