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4 Benefits of Having Your Florida Criminal Record Expunged

St. Petersburg Expungement Attorney

Many people have had experiences in the past that they wish they could erase. If you have blemishes on your criminal record, expungement might be an option for you. Here are four good reasons you should consider contacting a Florida criminal record expungement attorney today.


Everyone knows it can be difficult to find the right job. You don’t want to lose out on the perfect position because of your criminal record. Many employers can run criminal background checks on the people they consider hiring. If they see that you have a record, it could be a factor in going with another job candidate. Today, employer background checks are not the only concern. The person who interviews you may run a simple Google search on you to satisfy their curiosity about your prior life. If they come across one of the numerous mugshot websites on the internet, they may be left with a bad impression.

Renting a Home

Just like job applications, apartment, and house rental applications often have questions about whether you have a criminal past. Some rental companies or landlords have very strict standards about renting to people with any criminal record. Don’t let your past keep you from living well in the present. Expungement might be a good option for you.


These days, everyone is meeting people online. When someone has to decide whether they feel comfortable meeting you in person, they are likely to pick up their phone or laptop to run a Google search. If they find an old mugshot or record of criminal charges, they may decide that you aren’t a person they want to meet.

Everyone should be allowed to move on in life. By contacting a Florida criminal record expungement attorney, you can set yourself free some the embarrassment of a bad first impression.

Taking College or University Classes

Taking college or university classes or obtaining a degree is a great way to work toward a successful career, higher paycheck, and personal growth. However, many people don’t realize that college applications often ask about whether an applicant has a criminal record. Don’t let past mistakes take away your opportunities for a brighter future. Find out if you are eligible for expungement today.

Discuss Your Options with a St. Petersburg Expungement Attorney

The lawyers at the Khonsari Law Group have helped clients get their records expunged. If you want to learn more about getting a clean slate, contact us today. Call 727-269-5300 where we are waiting to help you move forward with the life you deserve. 

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