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Divorce Process in Florida

Overview of Divorce Laws in Florida

Divorce is sometimes inevitable, and if a divorce is in your future, it can help to have a basic understanding of Florida divorce laws. These laws are complicated, and they can influence the outcome of your divorce and affect your future for years to come. Below is a brief overview of Florida divorce laws, but you should always reach out to a divor [...]

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Property Division in Florida Divorce

How Does Property Division Work in a Florida Divorce?

Every state has different rules regarding how a married couple divides property in a divorce. In Florida, the law requires an equitable division of property between divorcing spouses. However, equitable division does not necessarily mean equal division, as many people might assume. Rather, equitable division means that property division should be f [...]

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Dividing Assets in a Divorce KLG Florida

Dividing Assets in a Divorce

While many people think of dividing assets as a key part of divorce proceedings, many people don’t have much to divide: 77 percent of American households don’t have enough assets to go without income for three months. If this describes you and you’re looking to dissolve your marriage, you may prefer a simplified dissolution of marriage. [...]

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7 Common Questions About Child Custody Laws KLG Florida

7 Common Questions About Child Custody Laws

Did you know that Florida has the fourth-highest number of divorces in America? With over 13 percent of the population divorced, there’s a lot of potential for childfren to get entangled in the mess. If you’re thinking about divorce or have just separated, you may wonder how your kids will fare in the situation. Many state laws can affect th [...]

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Back to School Tips for Divorced Families KLG Florida

Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Families

About 48 million American children headed back to school this fall. It’s normal for both parents and children to have mixed emotions about returning to the classroom, especially amid a pandemic. For children in divorced families, emotions can sometimes run even higher due to additional uncertainties. Back-to-school is a time of great transitio [...]

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What Are Some Requirements to Get Divorced in Florida KLG Law

What Are Some Requirements to Get Divorced in Florida?

For most married couples who try everything to keep their marriage, there reaches a point they have no option left but to seek divorce. If you are one of those, then know you are not alone, because in America, more than 22 percent of first marriages end in divorce within five years, and 53 percent of the marriages are dissolved by the 20-year mark, [...]

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Your Divorce Preparation Checklist KLG Florida

Your Divorce Preparation Checklist

Maybe you are relieved that you are finally seriously pursuing a divorce, or perhaps you knew this time was coming and have dreaded it all along. One thing for sure is that divorce can come with many mixed and unexpected emotions. It can be draining in nearly every aspect of life, especially emotionally and financially. It can feel overwhelming and [...]

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Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order KLG Law

Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order?

It is generally recognized under family law that there are times when circumstances change, such that one or both parents may wish to have a parenting time order changed to accommodate the newly changed circumstances. It does not make any difference under the law whether these changes are for better or worse - rather, if the changes warrant modific [...]

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establishing paternity

Establishing Parental Rights Under Florida Law

Establishing parental rights refers to the process of determining the legal father of a child. This process offers benefits to not only the child but also to both the mother and the father. Each state has different laws on how to establish paternity. If you’re interested in establishing paternity for your child it’s important to become familiar [...]

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divorcing a narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist: Tips, Tools, and What to Expect

The process of divorce, in general, can be overwhelming; however, when divorcing a narcissistic person, you can add many extra challenges along the way. The ideas of working things out, dialogue, mediation, and avoiding going to court are not included in the vocabulary of a self-centered person. But how can you identify your ex has a narcissisti [...]

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