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Coparent After a Divorce

​How to Coparent After a Divorce?

Florida has a policy that favors joint custody. Florida’s child custody laws favor children having frequent contact with both parents after a divorce. As a result, Florida requires courts to order shared parental responsibility for children with limited exceptions. The odds are good that the judge in your case will order a parenting plan where [...]

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Going to Lose My Business in My Divorce

​Am I Going to Lose My Business in My Divorce?

Going through a divorce challenges many people, promting high emotions and fears for the future in both partners. During this proceeding, the most important thing is to protect yourself with a divorce lawyer representing your interests. Business owners contemplating divorce or who have already received divorce papers are likely worried about wha [...]

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divorce lawyers

​How Do I Choose a Divorce Attorney?

The lawyer you choose for your divorce could make the difference between a fair (or even winning) outcome and a decree you will complain about for the rest of your life. Divorces trigger intense emotions and require fact-intensive investigations. You need someone who can provide steady, objective guidance and fierce advocacy in your case. But most [...]

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​Do I Need an Attorney to Get a Divorce?

Yes, You Do! In the American legal system, individuals always have the option of representing themselves. But as Florida’s Sixth Judicial Circuit points out to anyone appearing in family court without a lawyer, you must follow the same rules and file the same forms as a divorce attorney. The judges in St. Petersburg expect you to know the Flo [...]

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if have joint custody, do still have to pay child support

​If I Have Joint Custody, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

Child support cases can be one of the most contentious legal processes. Any divorce lawyer can tell you that even the most amicable separations are challenging. When the separating partners have a child, the potential for disagreements is high. Joint custody is when both parents share the responsibilities associated with caring for their child e [...]

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Child Support Can Expect to Receive

​How Much Child Support Can I Expect to Receive?

Divorce is an emotionally difficult and personally taxing process. This is true even in the most amicable separations. The process of divorce can be even more difficult when children are involved. If you are going through a breakup or divorce, you may have considered financial child support. Because one parent makes child support payments to [...]

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Divorce and Gambling Addiction

​Divorce and Gambling Addiction

An occasional day at the races betting on the ponies isn’t a problem. The same is true for an occasional weekend in Atlantic City. But when your spouse is betting on sports or games of chance almost every day, you may need to act. If you are lucky, you can get them the professional help they need to break the addiction. But that isn’t always [...]

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The Psychological Effects of Divorce

For many married people considering divorce, it will not be a surprise to learn that the process leads to psychological stress. This stress can negatively affect a person’s mental health for years to come. One study found that divorce increases the risk of depression, anxiety, and alcohol abuse, among other possible issues. Those issues can also [...]

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Abuse Can Affect Your Divorce

​How Your Spouse’s Substance Abuse Can Affect Your Divorce

Substance abuse has become a significant problem throughout the United States. According to the National Center For Drug Abuse Statistics, over 700,000 drug overdose deaths happened in the United States in the past 20 years. Over ten million Americans misuse opioids at least once a year. The National Institute On Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism repor [...]

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Codependency and Divorce

Codependency and Divorce

In many marriages, one spouse ends up codependent on the other spouse. Codependency refers to a relationship in which one partner needs the other partner, who in turn needs to be needed. Many times, people confuse codependency with being clingy or enamored with your spouse. There’s a common idea that spouses should commit to each other, support o [...]

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