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As a parent, you try to protect your teenager while also teaching them to learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, when he or she makes the mistake of breaking the law, law officials become involved and it can be hard to protect your teenager’s future on your own. If your teen is facing criminal charges, the best thing you can do is to hire a dedicated and experienced lawyer who is experienced with juvenile cases to defend them and negotiate on their behalf.

Common Juvenile Cases

At the Khonsari Law Group, we have represented many juveniles who have faced criminal charges. We understand that teenagers don’t think like adults, and youthful indiscretions do not mean they will grow up to be criminals. In fact, many of the cases we see are the result of peer pressure, simple teenage rebellion, done on impulse, or isolated incidents.  Some of the most common types of juvenile cases in the state of Florida include the following list:

– Vandalism & Graffiti
– Theft, including Shoplifting
– Simple Assault
– Minor in Possession of Alcohol
– Possession of a Fake ID
– Drug Abuse
– Disorderly Conduct

Impact of the Charges

The most common concerns our clients have when dealing with a juvenile defense case is if the charges will remain on your teenager’s record when they become an adult, and we are often asked if the charge is going to ruin their lives.

If tried as an adult, your teen could be facing possible jail time and a permanent criminal record, which can damage their reputation and jeopardize their future by limiting their eligibility for school scholarships, decreasing their chances of being accepted into college or the military, and making it harder to find a job.

Our juvenile defense lawyers understand how important it is that your teenager’s name is cleared, and we will negotiate on his or her behalf to have the case tried in juvenile court. Florida’s juvenile justice system focuses on intervention, rehabilitation, and prevention rather than punishment. As a former prosecutor, Rohom Khonsari knows the ins and outs of the Florida juvenile court system and will do everything legally possible to make sure your son or daughter’s rights are upheld, and that his or her case is successfully resolved.

Juvenile Intervention Plans

In most juvenile cases, an intervention plan works in everyone’s favor. A judge promises that if your teen complies with the conditions of treatment, then the charges will be dismissed and his or her record will be wiped clean. The conditions tend to be rehabilitation or treatment that relates to the charge, such as community service, anger management courses, or drug or alcohol programs. Through a treatment plan your son or daughter can satisfy certain conditions without having a record haunt them for the rest of their lives. Often times, depending on the severity of the case and the teen’s prior record, these intervention plans can lead to dismissals of the case.

The St Petersberg Juvenile Attorney Firm

The Khonsari Law Group juvenile defense lawyer team has years of experience in the juvenile courts working with juvenile judges, prosecutors, social workers, and school officials. We will work towards a result that will minimize the damage to your son or daughter’s future. Call our office now or fill out the form below to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Rohom & the Attorneys at the Khonsari Law Group are excellent. They are attentive, trustworthy, professional, & get the job done. I had a recent professionsal dispute with someone and the Khonsari Law Group helped resolve the issue by drafting up and agreement that was beneficial to both parties. I highly recommend the Khonsari Law Group.

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