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Your Divorce Preparation Checklist KLG Florida

Your Divorce Preparation Checklist

Maybe you are relieved that you are finally seriously pursuing a divorce, or perhaps you knew this time was coming and have dreaded it all along. One thing for sure is that divorce can come with many mixed and unexpected emotions. It can be draining in nearly every aspect of life, especially emotionally and financially. It can feel overwhelming and [...]

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Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order KLG Law

Can You Modify Your Parenting Time Order?

It is generally recognized under family law that there are times when circumstances change, such that one or both parents may wish to have a parenting time order changed to accommodate the newly changed circumstances. It does not make any difference under the law whether these changes are for better or worse - rather, if the changes warrant modific [...]

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establishing paternity

Establishing Parental Rights Under Florida Law

Establishing parental rights refers to the process of determining the legal father of a child. This process offers benefits to not only the child but also to both the mother and the father. Each state has different laws on how to establish paternity. If you’re interested in establishing paternity for your child it’s important to become familiar [...]

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divorcing a narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist: Tips, Tools, and What to Expect

The process of divorce, in general, can be overwhelming; however, when divorcing a narcissistic person, you can add many extra challenges along the way. The ideas of working things out, dialogue, mediation, and avoiding going to court are not included in the vocabulary of a self-centered person. But how can you identify your ex has a narcissisti [...]

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Child custody

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Child Support Concerns?

Child support is meant to cover the basic needs of your child, but what do you do if the payer isn't making payments? When married couples have children and get a divorce, many end up getting involved with child support services. Child support is a payment provided to the parent that has custody of a child. Whether you're receiving or paying chi [...]

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Prenuptial agreement

Basics of Prenuptial Agreements

Whoever you hear the words prenuptial agreement, you might begin to fear that it means your relationship won't survive. On the contrary, having a prenuptial agreement is more about protecting your personal assets and other finances you might enter the relationship with or have obtained throughout the relationship. Below you're going to find a gu [...]

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Don’t Hold Back Your Family Law Attorney

Child custody cases can be difficult and emotional. Being a good parent is only part of the equation, and it may be hard to think about splitting your time with your ex-partner. Parents want to believe that the "right" outcome will happen, but this often depends on how your case is presented to the court. When preparing for a child custody disp [...]

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Child custody

The Basics of Child Custody in 10 Minutes

Researching child custody law can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. And you're already feeling stressed and nervous about trying to find the best custody agreement for your child. Well it's time to take a deep breath and reset. You can learn everything you need to know about a child custody case in just ten minutes. Forget what you' [...]

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What an Underage DUI Charge Means for You

If you’re under the age of 21 and you’ve been accused of DUI, you should realize that a conviction may derail your life. There are several charges that an underage person caught drinking—or even just caught with alcohol in his or her vehicle—may face. All of these charges carry heavy fines, and some may even result in a license suspension. [...]

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You’ll Be Unprepared if You Miss This Guide to DUI Defense Strategies

Rise above the influence. More than one million drivers are arrested for a DUI every year. Even if a driver was driving safely, the police throw the driver in jail and leave them facing long sentences and heavy fines. But you have a right to defend yourself. A criminal defense lawyer can launch a DUI defense, keeping you from prison. The [...]

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