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5 Florida Laws You Might Not Know

Every state has a few unusual laws in its statutes and municipal codes, and the Sunshine State is no exception. Here are five strange Florida laws.

Every state has a few unusual laws in its statutes and municipal codes, and the Sunshine State is no exception. You may not be familiar with the following five laws, but they were passed by legislatures or municipal councils and enacted by higher offices.

1 – Chapter 826 on Bigamy

All states have statutes that prohibit men and women from having more than one spouse. In Florida, however, there is a strange statute that can be found in Chapter 826, which deals with bigamy and incest. The complex statute in question is 826.03, which makes it a third degree felony to marry a man or a woman who is already married to another person, who is already married to another person. The problem with this statute is not so much that it requires an unusual polygamy chain to occur; the problem is that it has the potential to punish an unmarried person while leaving the married person unaffected by virtue of statute 826.02, which presents an exception to someone who believes he or she is otherwise eligible to marry.

2 – Chapter 828 on Animal Cruelty

Animals traveling on boats or trains in the Sunshine State are somewhat protected by statute 828.14, which makes it a second degree misdemeanor to leave animal cargo without food or water for more than 28 hours. What makes this law saw strange is the determination of 28 hours; one would think that an animal caged aboard a train or vessel will get hungry and thirsty before 28 hours.

3 – Chapter 798 on Cohabitation

This statute is rarely enforced because of how unusual it seems for the 21st century. In essence, chapter 798.02 makes it a misdemeanor of the second degree for unmarried couples to live together for the purpose of coupling. The descriptors in this statute include vague qualifiers such as lewd behavior and lasciviousness.

4 – Chapter 791 on Fireworks

There are various crimes associated with the sale and transportation of fireworks in Florida, but none of them apply to acquiring them for the purpose of frightening birds. Statute 791.07 makes it legal to use fireworks to keep winged creatures away from fish hatcheries. However, the law leaves the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in charge of governing this.

5 – Chapter 873 on Selling Body Parts

Selling vital organs and human tissue is illegal in Florida, but 873.01 (3)(b) clarifies that illegal compensation for an organ shall not include the cost of removal.

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