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Can I Sue for a Sports Injury?

Can I Sue for a Sports Injury

Practically everyone that lives an active lifestyle is going to have a sports-related injury at some point. We all hope that these injuries will be minor and our recovery will be speedy, but what happens to athletes that are seriously injured due to the actions of others? Here is a look at some of the considerations that are made when determining who is at fault for a sports-related injury and how an experienced personal injury attorney can help you through these complex cases.

Assumption of Risk

Those that play a sport or engage in other physical activities should understand that there are dangers involved. Examples of this include a basketball player twisting an ankle while running down the court or a gymnast breaking a bone after falling off the parallel bars. According to the law, even younger children and their parents “assume” that there are risks involved in youth sports. The key to these cases is to prove that the injury was not the result of an assumed risk.

Intentional Conduct

Some of these injuries are the result of intentional conduct by another player, coach or fan. Tennis players can assume that they will get hit with the ball or trip at some point, but they do not assume that the other player will charge across the court to assault them. Proving that the conduct was intentionally carried out to harm the victim will greatly help in developing a personal injury case.

Negligence and Risk-Increasing Behavior

Cases that involve negligence or risk-increasing behavior are generally more complex. You and your attorney will take a look at the countless factors that occurred during the sporting event to determine which parties acted negligently or increased the amount of risk in that particular situation. An example of negligence might include a high school failing to sweep debris off the track before having practice. An example of risk-increasing behavior would be an athlete or coach showing up to the event intoxicated.

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Personal injury cases involving sporting events can be incredibly complex with many left wondering who is at fault. If you or a loved one has recently been hurt while playing a sport, please contact the Khonsari Law Group today to schedule your own free consultation.

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