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Can I Sue For Food Poisoning?

Can I Sue For Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning can occur in any type of restaurant or food distribution center. It is most often the result of mishandling foods, either by improper storage or sanitary issues. Food poisoning can cause serious health related issues and, in some cases, death.  

Food Poisoning and Product Liability

Under Florida law, food poisoning is usually classified as a product liability case and victims have the right to sue for compensation. It is very important, even if you decide not to sue for damages, that you report any type of food poisoning that you may have encountered to the proper health officials. Food poisoning is generally caused by a virus, and it is imperative to find where the contamination began.

What Steps Should I Take If I Think I Have Food Poisoning?

The first thing that you must do is seek medical attention. Food poisoning can quickly cause you to dehydrate, which can lead to serious problems. Once you have stabilized your health, you will want to have doctors confirm that your sickness is related to a foodborne illness. This documentation will be very helpful in your case.

You will also want to save any leftovers you may have taken home from the restaurant for further testing and any receipts for your purchase. These are all important to establishing that you were at the restaurant and when the sickness occurred.

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