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Can I Lose My Assets in a Lawsuit?

Can I Lose My Assets in a Lawsuit?

One of the more stressful parts of being involved in a trial can be the feeling of uncertainty for your future. You may fear that you could lose everything—your reputation, your money, and all of your assets. If you are at risk of losing your belongings, understanding what is considered an asset and what you can do to protect them is essential in securing your future.

What is Considered an Asset?

An asset is considered any type of valuable property that is owned by an individual. “Assets” is a broad term due to the fact that almost everything can hold some type of value, whether monetary or emotional. These assets could include your home, your car, your furniture, jewelry, and nearly everything you own.

Can I Lose My Assets?

If you find yourself in a stressful legal situation, whether filing for bankruptcy, divorce, or another legal matter, you may be worried about losing your assets. However, your assets may not be at stake at all.

In bankruptcy cases, for example, most individuals will be able to keep their assets—including their home and vehicles. Filing bankruptcy is designed to help individuals emerge from debts and liabilities so they can have a fresh start, so many assets are exempt from being sold or liquidated.

Ultimately, whether or not you can lose your assets will depend on the nature of your situation. As always, it is your best option to have a legal professional on your side to walk you through any legal procedures and to help you determine the best course of action.

What Can I Do to Protect My Assets?

We live in a litigious world, so ensuring that your assets are protected is always a good idea, especially if you hold a high risk profession such as a being a physician, pilot, contractor, or architect. Protecting your assets starts with preventive planning like upped insurance and security, but if you do not have some sort of protection plan, you may find yourself at a stressful dead end. For this reason, it is imperative to have a skilled attorney on your side. Understanding whether your assets are protected or not can be confusing and ultimately requires the guidance of an experienced legal professional.

If you or a loved one is uncertain of their future due to a legal matter, contact the Khonsari Law Group today. The KLG team has experience in dealing with a variety of legal matters and can help you during this difficult time. Your future depends on the skilled defense of a professional so contact the Khonsari Law Group today.

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