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Celebrate Your Freedom By Staying Out of Jail on July 4

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Across the entire country, the Fourth of July holiday is marked with celebration. Communities gather together to watch fireworks in the park, friends and family host backyard barbecues, and there is a general sense of pride in celebrating Independence Day in the United States. Unfortunately, with large group celebrations that often include alcohol, the possibility of being arrested for a crime increase as well. In fact, many cities see a significant jump in criminal activity July 4.

Common Criminal Charges

One of the most common criminal charges that people face over this holiday is a DUI charge. After drinking all day at a barbecue, it’s easy to think that you aren’t that drunk, but all it takes is a 0.08 BAC (blood alcohol content) to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. Police are known to increase the number of checkpoints over this holiday weekend as people frequently drink and drive. A DUI conviction can result in a loss of your license, hefty fines, and require you to complete hours of community service. In addition, it can result in significant collateral consequences, like difficulty getting a job or renting an apartment.

Drinking and driving isn’t the only criminal act that increases over this holiday. It has been found that occurrences of domestic violence and general fighting increase as well. Again, when you combine a group of family members or friends that might feel free to share their differences out loud after multiple beers, fighting often ensues. An assault charge is serious and can lead to significant consequences down the road. This type of criminal charge can impact your ability to find a job, secure housing, and even might even land you in jail.

What to Do if You’re Arrested During Fourth of July Weekend

If you’re arrested over the Fourth of July, remember that you’re not alone. Regardless of the crime, you have the right to speak with an attorney before you make a statement to the police. The one thing to remember if you are intoxicated when you’re arrested is that you can remain silent. Ask to contact a trusted family member or friend who can meet you at the jail and learn more about the details of your arrest.

Additionally, it’s often possible to pay bail to avoid spending time in jail. Bail is a sum of money that acts as a deposit to ensure that you will show up for trial. Once you’ve completed the entire court process, you should be eligible to receive the bail deposit back. In many cases, a lawyer can even have your bail reduced or waived entirely.

Contact the Skilled Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys at Khonsari Law Group

If you get arrested on the Fourth of July, the celebration will quickly come to an end. Many people will end up in this situation over the holiday, and it’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible. Don’t delay; contact the experienced legal team at the Khonsari Law Group. We will work to evaluate the details of your case and help to advise next steps. Your rights matter, so call us today to schedule a free consultation. You can reach us at (727) 269-5300 or online.


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