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Do I Need an Attorney for My Probation Violation?

Do I Need an Attorney for My Probation Violation?

The judicial system allows those who have been found guilty of a crime to avoid jail time by instead placing them on probation. By following the guideline set out by the court, many are able to avoid jail time and are given a second chance at life. Unfortunately, when someone on probation is accused of breaking the terms agreed upon, they face serious consequences. Learn more about probation violation, here:

What Is a Probation Violation?

When someone is placed on probation, they are given a list of guidelines that they must follow. While these guidelines are different for each person and case, they generally prohibit the individual from leaving the state where charged, and implement regular meetings with a probation officer. If at any time they break any of the rules assigned by the court, they have committed a probation violation. There are two types of probation violations that a person can commit:

Technical Violations: A technical violation means that you have failed to meet the terms of your agreement. This could be missing a court date or failing to notify your probation officer of a change of address.

Substantive Violations: In contrast, a substantive violation occurs when a new crime has been committed. This is a very serious violation of probation that may lead to jail time and another criminal case.

What Can Happen if I Violate Probation?

There are a number of things that can happen when a person is accused of violating probation. Their probation can be extended, or additional terms may be added to their probation. Unfortunately, it is likely that they will be facing jail time.

After someone is accused of violating probation, he or she will have to go to court and appear in front of a judge. Unlike a regular criminal trial, there will be no jury deciding if the person is innocent or guilty. This is why it is so important that you have an experienced probation attorney by your side. A probation attorney understands the complexity of probation court, and can help you stay out from behind bars. It is vital that you have someone by your side with an extensive understanding of how probation violations work when being accused.

Protect Your Freedom

If you or someone you love has been accused of violating probation, do not gamble with their freedom. Call the criminal defense attorneys you can trust. At the Khonsari Law Group, we have experience defending all types of criminal cases and will fight vigorously for your rights. Call today for a free consultation on your case and discover why KLG is right for you!


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