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Do I Need to Call the Police If I’ve Been in a Fender Bender?

Do I Need to Call the Police If I've Been in a Fender Bender?

After a minor accident, colloquially known as a fender bender, drivers often think they can keep things simple by not involving the police. They might just exchange insurance information or negotiate an informal settlement. While these arrangements can sometimes resolve the matter, police involvement will help protect drivers’ interests.

When Should You Call the Police?

Contact the police if your vehicle is damaged, you experience personal injuries, or another’s property is damaged as a result of the fender bender. In fact, Florida requires drivers to report any accident that involves injuries or property damage exceeding $500. Drivers can call the local police department, sheriff, or the Florida Highway Patrol. The responding officer will then document the details of the accident by filing a report.

How Can the Police Help?

Even if drivers exchange details, people might provide misleading or false information, leaving the other party having to pay for any damages out-of-pocket. A law enforcement official can serve as a reliable, objective third-party who can help hold the other driver accountable and ensure the accident gets resolved properly. Additionally, any accident information documented by the police will become important in the event of a lawsuit. Even if the accident seems minor, you never know what the other driver might claim.

What If I Do Not Have Time to Wait?

If both vehicles are still operable and no one is injured, drivers should still notify law enforcement, but may not have to wait for officers to arrive. Thanks to technology, both drivers can file a driver’s crash report through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle’s website, but both drivers must have a valid license, registration and current insurance. Otherwise, they will have to wait for the police.

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If you have been involved in a car accident, even a fender bender, contact the Khonsari Law Group to learn more about your legal options. The attorneys at Khonsari Law Group can review your situation and advise you accordingly. If you have suffered personal injuries or property damage as a result of the accident, Khonsari Law Group can pursue a lawsuit on your behalf and help you recover damages.

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