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Does Florida Have the Death Penalty?

Does Florida Have the Death Penalty?

Yes, Florida has the death penalty. According to the national Death Penalty Information Center, Florida is one of 34 states that allow capital punishment. Florida’s decision to enforce the death penalty was re-enacted in 1976. The governor of Florida has granted six fortunate people with clemency over the years.

Ninety executions have taken place since 1977. Prior to that year, Florida executed 314 prisoners. There are currently 403 prisoners on death row. Four are female. Tiffany Cole and Emilia Carr, both on death row in Florida, are among the youngest women sentenced to death in the country.

Death Penalty in Florida

Death penalty sentences are declared according to federal and applicable state laws. In Florida, state law defines several degrees of murder. If a defendant is deemed to have committed first-degree murder in Florida, the crime in punishable by death.

Under Florida’s law, first-degree murder is perpetrated after premeditated design. In addition, the charge may apply to an individual in the act of perpetration of narcotics trafficking, arson, aircraft piracy, burglary, sexual battery, kidnapping, robbery, or other felonies in which another individual is killed.

In some circumstances, Florida law says a defendant may receive death when he or she was not determined responsible for the murder.

A judge may decide to override the jury’s decision about choice of the death penalty. The convicted individual may choose either electrocution or lethal injection as the means to deliver the death penalty sentence in Florida.

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