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Five Ways You Can Get a Ticket on Your Bike

Five Ways You Can Get a Ticket on Your Bike

Many think that bicycles do not fall under the same rules as cars and that cyclists cannot receive a ticket. However, this is not the case. The following behaviors might result in a ticket, regardless of the mode of transportation.

Riding Through a Stop Sign

This is probably the most basic offense. Cyclists are not exempt from common traffic laws. In general, you should obey most traffic rules on your bike the same way you should obey them when you are driving.

Riding Too Slowly

Just like driving too slowly in a car, riding your bike too slowly can also result in a ticket. When riding, always try to keep pace with the traffic ahead of you, or stick close to the right-hand curb and safely allow cars to pass.

Not Having a Light

This is one of the most frequently-ticketed offenses for bike riders. If it is dark, be sure to have a white light facing forward that is visible from 500 feet away and a red light facing backward that is visible from 600 feet away. Not having either light might result in two traffic infractions.

Passenger Riding Illegally

Do not let an additional person ride on your handlebars, on your seat while you stand, on your shoulders or in any other way. It is dangerous and prohibited. Unless your bike is a tandem bicycle, have friends ride separately.

Riding in the Middle of the Street

Any kind of riding that is impeding the flow of traffic can be grounds for a ticket, which includes riding in the middle of the street or going the wrong way down a street. Even if there is no traffic, you might still receive a ticket. Always try to stay in your lane, and if there is a bike lane on the road, remain in it.

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A traffic infraction will seem minor compared to a driving under the influence charge. However, drivers might not realize that the state of Florida considers a bicycle a vehicle, too. This means you can receive a DUI while riding a bike. If you or a loved one is faced with a DUI, contact the Khonsari Law Group at (727) 269-5300 for a free case consultation.

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