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Florida Drug Courts: What Are They and What Do You Need to Know?

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Were you aware that the state of Florida actually began the national drug court movement by creating the first drug court in the United States? Currently, Florida has close to 100 individual drug courts, which are split into adult drug courts, juvenile drug courts, and family dependency drug courts. But what are drug courts, and how can they benefit you and your loved ones?

What is a Drug Court?

Drug courts have been referred to as “the most effective justice strategy” addressing drug addiction in the United States. Realizing the vast social difference between “drug addicts” and “drug dealers” early on, Florida established a system of “drug courts,” which provides drug-addicted persons charged with drug-related offenses an opportunity to bypass the traditional justice system and instead seek treatment.

Drug Court Programs

Depending on whether you are sent to adult, juvenile, or family drug court, participants accepted into the program generally undergo the following:

  • Intensive drug treatment and detox;
  • Accountability meetings before the court and family members;
  • Random drug testing;
  • Progress reviews before the court, and
  • Reward or sanction depending on progress.

Drug courts are generally managed by a team of legal and social professionals such as judges, lawyers, corrections officials, police officers, social workers, and treatment professionals. Accordingly, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this process by providing you with effective representation and guiding you through the rehabilitative process.

Legal Benefits of Drug Courts 

Although successful completion of a drug court program may result in your charges being dropped or conviction being expunged, one of the most important benefits of Florida drug courts is in restoring familial relationships. Annually, Florida drug courts are able to reunite nearly 200 children with their parents as a result of a parent’s successful completion of a drug court program. This success has led to a reduction in the number of children in foster care and helps to restore important family bonds.

Contact a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney to Discuss Your Eligibility Today

The professional care and legal benefits available through Florida’s advanced drug court system should not be ignored. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug-related offense stemming from addiction, contact the Khonsari Law Group today for a free, no-risk consultation at (727) 269-5300. They have the experience and compassion you need to guide you through the application process for St. Petersburg’s drug courts and assist you on the road to sobriety.




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