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Florida Law Keeping Step with Synthetic Drug Manufacturing

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On the street, it is often referred to as “spice” or “K2,” but synthetic marijuana, as well as synthetic copies of other controlled substances, become more common in St. Petersburg each day. Unfortunately, Florida’s synthetic drug laws are complex and ever changing, identifying substances even to their isomers. If you have been charged with a synthetic drug offense or simply have questions about Florida’s evolving synthetic drug laws, it is essential to contact an attorney with experience analyzing Florida’s controlled substance statutes.

Synthetic Drugs Defined

A “synthetic drug” is a type of mind-altering substance created using man made ingredients rather than natural substances. Not all synthetic drugs are illegal, and many individuals believe that by choosing synthetic drugs they are also choosing safe and legal drug alternatives. However, this is seldom the case. Until recently, Florida drug laws were constantly changing to accommodate the chemical equivalents of controlled substances as they were analyzed and discovered. Accordingly, all a chemist need do would be to “tweak” the molecular makeup of the synthetic substance to “legalize” its sale.

Changes to Florida’s Synthetic Drug Laws

In an attempt to keep pace with the ever-changing world of synthetic substances, Florida recently amended its controlled substance statute to define a “synthetic” in accordance with its molecular structure’s similarities to an illegal drug. This permits law enforcement officials to prosecute chemists seeking to avoid criminal penalties by make small but unsubstantial changes to a synthetic’s molecular structure. One of the most popular synthetic drugs is synthetic cannabis (synthetic marijuana), which many individuals may buy and sell believing it is a legal and safe marijuana substitute. However, synthetic marijuana, also known by its street name, “spice,” is dangerous and may cause the following severe side effects:

  • Psychotic episodes;
  • Paranoia;
  • Seizures;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Loss of bodily control, and
  • Increased heart rate.

In fact, the side effects of synthetic marijuana are often more dangerous to a person’s health than its natural equivalent.

Contact a Qualified Criminal Drug Offense Attorney Today

Many Florida citizens attempting to abide by the law may find themselves caught by Florida’s complex synthetic drug regulations. If you or a loved one has been charged with a synthetic drug offense, or you simply have questions regarding Florida’s changing laws, contact the Khonsari Law Group today for a FREE, no-risk consultation at (727) 269-5300. They have the answers you need. Serving the St. Petersburg and greater Tampa Bay area.

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