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The Freshman…Five? Fake IDs and Real Prison

FL Juvenile Defense Lawyer

You just turned 18, and you are so excited that you finally received your first fake identification card. You walk up to a nightclub and bar. Your friends go in ahead, but when it is your turn, the bouncer at the door looks at your identification card and then at you. He asks you, “Is this a fake ID?” Suddenly, your heart is pounding, but you reassure yourself, thinking, “It’s no big deal, right? College kids do this all the time.” There is a cop at the nearby corner, and the bouncer motions to the cop. Within 10 minutes, you are in handcuffs. You were wrong: in Florida, using a fake identification card is a serious matter and can result in hefty consequences. You have a good chance of having a criminal record, you could be obligated to pay a substantial monetary fine, and you could even be put into prison for up to five years. Not the kind of freshman five you imagined when you started college and resolved to keep the freshman 15 at bay.

In fact, it is not only a violation of Florida law to show your fake identification card to the bouncer or a bartender. The following actions also constitute breaking the law:

  • Knowingly having a fake identification card
  • Selling, trading, or even giving away your own actual identification card
  • Showing a card that has your actual name but a false birthdate


According to Florida law, if you violate Florida’s fake identification law, you could be guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, which could put you in jail for 60 days and make you responsible for a fine of up to $500, or a felony of the third degree, which could land you in jail for several years and make you responsible for a fine of up to $5,000. These crimes can remain on your record for many years or even indefinitely.

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