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Graduation Season Results in DUI Arrests

teen drinking and driving St. Petersburg DUI Defense Attorney

Graduation is a time for celebration as children begin to transition from childhood to young adulthood. For many teenagers who have survived the rigors of high school, graduation can make them feel invincible, and, in combination with a multitude of parties, this may drastically increase teen drinking and driving and their risk of being charged with a Florida DUI. Remember, Florida law enforcement agents take special care to monitor for drunk driving during the graduation season.

DUI Charges in Florida

Under Florida law, a DUI conviction is possible if you are caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol level above .08. A first conviction, such as is common with teenage drivers, can result in the following penalties:

  • Not less than a $500 fine;
  • Mandatory 50 hours of community service or an additional $500 fine;
  • A period of probation and/or incarceration;
  • Potential alcohol or drug abuse treatment program;
  • Car impound; and
  • Criminal record

Although the court has discretion in determining the penalties associated with your DUI depending on the nature of the offense, the damage caused, and your blood alcohol level, for teenagers, it is the unintended consequences that can do the most damage.

Unintended Consequences of a DUI

Many colleges only accept applications on a probationary basis, meaning that you must graduate with a certain grade point average in order to begin school in the fall. However, these colleges also tend to have a policy for those with criminal records, and upon finding out about a recent DUI, they may rescind your offer of admission or any scholarship made available to you. This can be a devastating blow and may change the course of your teenager’s education. Do not let one mistake affect their future.

No celebrating child intends to start life off on the wrong foot, but teenagers make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes can be extremely consequential. Although Florida courts attempt to ensure that those struggling with drugs or alcoholism get the help they need, this does not prevent your child from suffering from unintended consequences. For example, the University of Florida will deny or rescind admission for anyone currently serving probation for a criminal offense, such as a DUI.

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