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Have You Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Misconduct?

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Recent major news networks have focused on the growing allegations of sexual assault committed by men in power. Despite the growing attention drawn to this behavior, there are still approximately 321,500 cases of sexual assault in the United States each year. Sexual assault is a serious crime that affects victims both physically and mentally. Sexual assault is a heinous act, and it should never occur under any circumstance.

Men and women are becoming increasingly worried that their behavior could amount to sexual misconduct. As more individuals accused of sexual assault and misconduct are suffering consequences for their actions, it is only natural to worry about how an accusation could impact one’s life. Sexual misconduct is a criminal offense in Florida. As such, individuals are concerned that they may be falsely accused of sexual misconduct, and that such an accusation can have a detrimental impact on their life, relationships, and career. The court of public opinion is often unforgiving.

Committing acts of sexual assault and sexual misconduct should not go unpunished. Offenders should suffer the consequences of their unlawful and heinous actions. However, not all individuals accused of sexual misconduct have engaged in such behavior. In some instances, an individual is falsely accused, and he or she should not be punished for crimes he or she did not commit.

Being falsely accused of sexual misconduct can ruin one’s life. Individuals can find that an accusation, even though false accusations can derail careers, ruin relationships, and affect one’s good standing within his or her community.

Here are some examples of how a false accusation of sexual misconduct an impact one’s life:

Affecting Current and Future Employment

The accusations of sexual misconduct lodged against public figures have forced companies, boards, and agencies to act quickly. In many cases, the accused are quickly removed from high-level positions or even terminated by their employer. Sometimes, the accused’s career is altogether derailed.

Although public figures are more likely to suffer more drastic consequences, you may also suffer similar consequences. Employers who learn of such accusations, especially if they originate within the company, may terminate your employment. This can affect your ability to obtain future employment as future employers with knowledge of the reason for your termination may be reluctant to hire you; this, even if the accusations are false.

Destroying Relationships

The heinous nature of such an accusation can destroy relationships. Being accused of sexual misconduct can affect how others choose to interact with you. These accusations can affect one’s marriage, impact social interactions, and ruin the accused’s goodwill within his or her community.

Legal Proceedings

A false accusation of sexual misconduct can result in legal proceedings. The allegations entered against the accused may be sufficient to bring forth criminal charges. This now becomes a matter of public record. It will require time and money to clear your name of any wrongdoing.

Contact a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney

You must act quickly to defend yourself if you are falsely accused of sexual misconduct. A false accusation can have numerous negative consequences. You should, with the advice and counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney, address any false accusations immediately. We at Khonsari Law Group are determined to provide you with outstanding criminal defense and ensure that you do not suffer unjust, negative repercussions from a false accusation of sexual misconduct. Find out how we can help by scheduling your free initial consultation today. Call us at (727) 269-5300 or write us online today.

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