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How an Attorney Can Help With Your Child Support Concerns?

Child custody

Child support is meant to cover the basic needs of your child, but what do you do if the payer isn’t making payments?

When married couples have children and get a divorce, many end up getting involved with child support services. Child support is a payment provided to the parent that has custody of a child. Whether you’re receiving or paying child support payments, a child support attorney can ensure everything is correct.

If you’re thinking about applying for child support, you should not put in an application until you speak to an attorney. This is crucial because it will prevent you from making mistakes during the application process. After you get child support, an attorney will continue to help you.

Read on to learn more about child support attorneys and what they can do for you.

What Is a Child Support Attorney?

A child support attorney is someone that specializes in child support laws, so they can help parents in a variety of ways. These attorneys have law degrees and are licensed to provide legal advice, so they can give you a lot of information about your case.

When you go to court, they will be the ones working with you to ensure you get compensated. They will perform a variety of tasks for you so that you can enforce child support and take the case to court if needed.

What Do Attorneys Do?

In Florida, many child support programs exist that are designed to ensure parents and guardians get paid. Unfortunately, some people fail to make payments, so legal action must be taken. When this happens, it’s best to hire an attorney because they will know exactly what needs to be done.

Here are some of the main things a Florida child support attorney will do for you:

File Paperwork

When it comes to child support, paperwork can be a hassle for anyone that wants to get their money as quickly as possible. A child support attorney can take care of most of the paperwork for you so that you can continue living life without the worry of filing something incorrectly.

If you need to personally fill out a document, an attorney will tell you how to do it so that everything is correct. After you are done filling it out, they will take it and submit it to the appropriate office.

Provide Guidance

Whenever you have a question about something, you can ask a child support attorney and they will provide you with an answer. Child support law can be complicated, even if you have done research when applying for it.

Before applying for child support, an attorney can tell you how much to expect to get. The number will vary due to a variety of factors, but you should get enough to pay for everything you need for your child.

Should you run into a problem, your attorney can help you resolve it quickly. The most common issues people have are related to paperwork or the person that is responsible for making payments. After identifying an issue, your attorney will tell you what needs to be done to correct it.

Collect and Enforce Payments

If the person that is supposed to be paying you is not making payments, you must consult a lawyer. Getting a lawyer involved is the best way to collect and enforce payments because it shows the payer that legal consequences can arise if they do not.

When the payer fails to make payments, your attorney will speak to them and inform them what will happen if they continue to miss them. In many cases, the payers end up getting jail time. If they continue to miss payments after serving their sentence, they will receive harsher penalties.

Keep in mind that when you are approved of child support, the payer parent is also responsible for missed payments. If they go to jail, they will have to come up with a way to pay for the time that they were away.

How to Find a Child Support Attorney

Finding a child support attorney is not a difficult process. You can do this by searching online for something like, “child support attorney near me.” When looking for one, you should find one that is near you so you can meet with them whenever needed.

Before choosing one, you must look into their history by reading reviews and talking to people that have worked with them. This will give you a good idea of how well they will work with you.

Hiring a child support attorney is much different than hiring someone like a personal injury attorney. When you hire a child support attorney, it does not have to be to go to court. Instead, you should hire one as soon as you decide you want to apply for child support.

Reach out to various attorneys and talk to them about your situation. Speaking with them is important because you will learn about their personalities, making it easier to determine if one is a good fit for you.

Hire a Florida Child Support Attorney Today

If you would like to apply for child support or are having problems with your current child support situation, hiring a lawyer is your best option. Whenever you get involved with child support, you need someone that can guide you.

No matter where you live, you can find a child support attorney in your area. Look for someone that communicates well and prefers to use the same contact method as you. This will ensure that you two can contact one another without any problems.

If you live in Florida, contact us for a free consultation today. We’ll assist you with any question you have about child support services.

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