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How Can I Get My Mugshot Taken Offline?

How Can I Get My Mugshot Taken Offline?

The Internet makes it increasingly difficult to keep certain facets of our lives private. With the steady use of social media and the like, many of us leave a “digital trail” behind for everyone to see.

This can be extremely problematic if your digital trail contains things you do not want everyone to see—like a mugshot.

Ultimately, mugshots are public record, so once your mugshot is online, it becomes a part of your digital trail. And while it can be massively difficult to remove every trace of it, here are three options that may help you remove your mugshot from the web:

Contact the Website’s Owner

Third party websites pull mugshots from public records and host them on a website of their own—sometimes even turning the website into an online discussion board where the end users can comment on the mugshots. Unfortunately, this is not ideal for the person who was arrested because their name will yield more negative results in an online search, which could impede a job hunt or other endeavor.

If your mugshot is on a third party website, you may be able to contact the website’s owner and have them take it down—although it will likely cost you to do so since third party mugshot websites make their money by essentially exploiting those who have been arrested.

Have Your Charges Cleared

In some cases, if your charges are expunged or dropped and your name is cleared, your mugshot will be removed from the website where it was originally posted, whether through a sheriff’s website or another government website. While some third party websites may remove your mugshot if you can prove your charges were dropped, some of these websites will still demand money before removing any images and information.

Contact a Professional Lawyer

Having your mugshot across the web is never a good situation. If you are trying to remove your mugshot from the Internet to no avail, consider contacting a professional lawyer. The legal team at the Khonsari Law Group has the necessary skills and experience to help you through this trying time. We will work with you to determine the appropriate course of action, whether it is negotiating with a third party mugshot website or working to drop or expunge any prior charges you may have.

To learn more about the Khonsari Law Group, give us a call at (727) 269-5300 or schedule a free consultation online.


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