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How Do I Beat a Gun Charge in Florida?

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Violent crimes are typically the most strictly prosecuted crimes under Florida law, and violations of the state’s gun laws are no exception. If you’ve been accused of violating state gun laws, whether for carrying, possessing, or discharging a firearm, it’s important that you have the right legal representation to help you navigate the complex system of Florida gun law.

Don’t delay in contacting an attorney, who can help assess your circumstances and weigh your options. Even if you believe that your actions were well within your rights, it’s important to work with a lawyer who specializes in violent crimes to ensure that you receive the support you need throughout your case.

What Types of Gun Charges are Common in Florida?

The most common types of gun charges that people face in Florida include:

  • Concealment charges – When you’ve improperly carried and concealed a weapon without the appropriate permit.
  • Discharge charges – When you’ve discharged a firearm improperly; this might include celebratory gunfire, discharging a gun as a warning, or shooting a gun in a location where it could have been harmful to someone else.
  • Personal injury charges – When someone was injured as a result of your gun use.
  • Possession charges – When a felon, or another individual who is legally unable to own a gun, possesses a gun.
  • Aggravated charges – When you commit a crime while possessing or using a gun, and your gun possession constitutes an aggravating factor.

How Can I Beat a Gun Charge in Florida?

Hire an experienced attorney who can help you fight any gun charges you may need to deal with in the state of Florida. In many cases, you’ll find that there are exceptions or exemptions written into the law that can help reduce your culpability or potential sentence. For example:

  • Hunting weapons are often exempt from standard laws. You’re legally allowed to hunt, and to transport your weapon so that you’re able to hunt, as long as you have the proper license. In some cases, having this license can reduce or eliminate gun charges.
  • Antique and collectible weapons may be exempt from policies that restrict felons from owning guns. If you are not legally allowed to own a gun, but the gun you are caught with is considered an antique or collectible item, then this mitigating circumstance can help decrease the severity of your sentence. This defense only applies if the weapon in question is in fact an antique.
  • Your circumstances changed the shape of your case. The specific circumstances surrounding your case may prove unique, as may be the reasons you chose to carry or use your weapon. Work with an attorney who can help establish those unique circumstances and ensure that your case will receive the full attention it deserves, rather than finding yourself subjected to the standard penalties associated with the offense.

Contact an Experienced Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Fighting a Florida gun charge on your own can prove daunting. If you’re facing gun charges in Florida, make sure you have legal representation to help you navigate the system, and minimize the penalties you’ll face for your actions. Contact us today to learn how we can help you beat your gun charges.

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