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How Do I Know If a Product Is Being Recalled?

How Do I Know If a Product Is Being Recalled?

A recall is an action taken by the government or a manufacturer when a product could pose a health or safety problem to the public. The recall may require that the item be removed from the market or a consumer may be able to replace the item with a newer model without the defect. In some cases, such as vehicle recalls, a consumer may be instructed to visit a dealership for a free repair to correct the problem. Recalls can occur for any type of manufactured product and have been issued for everything from cars to baby seats to toys and even to food.

Where to Locate Recall Information

There are several reputable locations where a consumer can locate information about recalls. These include:

– Recalls.gov – An online database with tabs for multiple products. The home page of the website has tabs for Consumer Products, Motor Vehicles, Boats, Food, Medicine, Cosmetics and Environmental Products. Simply click on the correct category and follow the instructions on the screen

– Safercar.gov – Sponsored by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), this website allows users to enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of their car or truck to see if there have been any recalls issued.

– Florida Food Recalls Search – For residents and visitors in Florida, this database provides information on any food products distributed in Florida that may have been recalled.

– Food Safety and Inspection Service – This USDA sponsored website provides information on recalls and alerts related to meat, sausage, poultry and processed egg products.

– Food and Drug Administration – This website offers information on recalls related to food, medicine, medical devices, cosmetics and other items that have been ordered to be recalled by the government or that companies have voluntarily recalled, often due to investigations by the FDA.

What Steps to Take

If you discover that a product you own has been recalled, follow the instructions that are usually found at one of the websites listed above. In some cases, such as with children’s toys or baby items, you should stop using the product immediately until you can get a replacement or get the item repaired. If the problem is with a vehicle and the issue is a serious safety matter, such as the recent Takata airbag recall that recently affected states where humidity is higher, including Florida, you should take the vehicle to a dealership as soon as possible to have it repaired. Avoid driving the vehicle as much as possible to avoid injury or even death.

Protect Yourself With Khonsari Law Group

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product that you discovered had been recalled, or if a loved one has died due to injuries they sustained due to a recalled product, contact us at the Khonsari Law Group either by phone or online to learn what rights you may have.

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