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How Does an Ankle Bracelet Work?

How Does an Ankle Bracelet Work?

Along with an increasing drive to lower the Florida prison population has come renewed interest in ankle bracelets. It is becoming more common to see people wearing these devices.

Many wonder exactly how these devices work.

The Purpose of Ankle Bracelets and House Confinement

The primary purpose of electronic monitoring is to limit the mobility of someone in Florida currently serving some form of criminal or civil punishment. Rather than place the individual in jail, the authorities may opt for house arrest.

There are a number of reasons why the court may use its discretion and assign this form of sanction. House arrest could serve as a means of reducing the costs of housing inmates. It could also be a means of keeping track of those released from prison on parole. Additionally, a judge may require an ankle bracelet to ensure compliance with a temporary restraining order.

Radio Transmitted Bracelets

The main type of ankle bracelet relies on radio waves. Authorities receive an alert signal on their units when the defendant is out of a certain range, usually a maximum of 3,000 feet. Transmission occurs over traditional phone lines.

GPS Bracelets

To allow for more defendant mobility, ankle bracelets can also have Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. With GPS-enabled devices, those sentenced to house arrest can leave, under certain stipulations. Some have to carry a registered mobile phone with them at all times. The GPS locator keeps track of all movements and allows the authorities to know if the sentenced person goes to an off-limits area.

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The public desire to decrease the high rate of incarceration, coupled with the need to remain tough on crime, could leave house arrest as a middle ground. Anyone sentenced to house arrest should get help from the experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Khonsari Law Group. Contact us today to learn more about what your sentence entails and how to protect your rights.

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