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How Much Does a Good DUI Lawyer Cost?

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If you were charged with DUI, you may not know what to do. Should you retain a private lawyer? Most importantly, how much will a good DUI lawyer cost you?

Assessing the Cost

The cost of a good DUI lawyer will depend on many factors. For example, how complex is your case? Do you want to take your case to trial, or would you prefer to accept a plea offer? The cost of your lawyer may also vary based on how long the legal proceedings last and how much evidence a lawyer must gather and introduce in your case. If you’re curious about the approximate cost of hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you, contact a law firm and ask for a free consultation. Firms often provide quotes or inform you of their hourly rates during these initial meetings.

The Cost of Not Having a Lawyer

If you don’t retain a good DUI lawyer, you’ll miss out on the benefits of that lawyer. In many cases, losing out on the benefits of working with an experienced attorney wind up being much more costly than the initial expense of a lawyer. Consider the following:

  • A private defense attorney can go to your DMV hearing with you. There’s a difference between the criminal case associated with your DUI and how the state DMV deals with your charges. If you fail to hire a good lawyer who will prepare for your DMV hearing, you may incur a higher number of points on your license or lose it entirely. In many cases, your lawyer may work with the DMV to arrange for you to go to traffic class to reduce any penalties—but not if you’re unrepresented.
  • Without a good lawyer, you’re more likely to pay high fines and suffer heavy penalties. Without sufficient representation, you may end up paying the maximum fine for your DUI. Not only that, you may face jail time, which will limit your freedoms and your earning potential, as well as make it more difficult for you to find future employment. The penalties for DUI increase with subsequent offenses, making it even more important that you work with a good lawyer to avoid the maximum penalties, particularly if this is not your first DUI charge.
  • A lawyer can help reduce the penalties associated with your DUI. The ramifications of a DUI conviction extend well beyond any jail time or fine imposed by the court. You may also experience a significant increase in your monthly insurance payments or difficulty obtaining future employment. With a good lawyer, however, you may prevent your DUI from ending up on your record altogether.

You Need a DUI Lawyer

The cost of failing to hire an experienced and qualified DUI lawyer is high. You may face significant limitations on your freedoms and crushing financial repercussions. With a good DUI lawyer, however, you can avoid or reduce many of those penalties. How expensive is a DUI lawyer? Less expensive than a guilty verdict. If you need a DUI lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida, call the Khonsari Law Group today at (727) 269-5300, or contact us online, to learn how we can help you avoid the most severe consequences associated with DUIs.

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