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How to Talk to a Police Officer After Your Car Accident

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The way you speak to a law enforcement officer after a car accident is important since it is often the officer’s role to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault. While you may feel traumatized, it is best to respond to the officer’s questions as calmly as you can and here are reasons why.

How You Speak Can Be Held Against You

If you are involved in a car accident, do not react in a defensive and emotional manner when the responding police officer questions you. Because it is the officer’s duty to investigate the accident, he or she is likely to include any such responses in the written report, which your insurance adjuster will also see. Therefore, respond to the officer’s questions calmly and cooperatively whether you caused the accident or not. While being involved in a car accident can be very distressing, you should avoid yelling, disputing and making accusations.

Stick to the Facts

Begin by clearly explaining to the officer how you believe the accident truly happened. Additionally, you will need to inform the officer of other details such as any injuries you incurred, what direction you were going, how fast you were traveling and any signaling you used or observed another driver using prior to the crash. Do not leave out any detail you noticed no matter how insignificant it might seem. However, making any statements about what you think the other driver might have been thinking or doing at the time of the accident could give the impression you are trying to blame the other party. Only provide the facts.

Do Not Implicate Yourself

While you want to tell the truth, you also should be careful to not give the officer the impression you are to blame. As you explain the situation to the police, let your answers be brief because, in the end, you may not have caused the accident, even if you think you did. The officer might issue you a ticket or traffic citation at the scene if he or she feels it is necessary.

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