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Mandatory Minimum Sentences Fail Opiate Addicted Offenders

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Florida has been hit hard with the rising abuse of prescription opiate medication. While health care professionals have taken little responsibility for the self-serving prescription propaganda that has turned opiates into common household cure-alls, the unsuspecting patients that become addicted are paying the price, behind bars.

Only as recently as July 2017 has the government finally intervened and busted large rings of physicians and medical centers intentionally prescribing excessive amounts of opiate pain medications with an estimated profit of $1.3 billion dollars.

In Florida, a drug treatment facility provided over two million illegal painkiller doses. So it is likely that after getting a legitimate prescription, patients who become addicted will be on the streets attempting to buy. And the supply is out there.

Instead of the pharmaceutical companies and doctors being monitored and controlled, the Florida legislature has turned to a proven failed way of dealing with addicts by enforcing minimum mandatory sentences that do not allow judges any discretion at all. Minimum mandatory sentences for drug addicts and substance abusers rarely work as a deterrent for a chemically dependent person.

How an Attorney Can Help You after an Arrest

If you have been accused of possession of illegal drugs, there are many ways a lawyer may be able to help. Some of these include the following:

  • Determining whether your rights were violated when the police arrested youif they were, it may be possible to suppress any evidence gathered
  • Negotiating a plea deal with the prosecution that avoids the most serious issues consequences associated with a drug conviction
  • Connecting you with services that will help address your addiction and potentially have a positive impact in the way your case is resolved, if you have developed a dependency on drugs
  • Taking your case to trial, if necessary

If You Have Been Accused of Drug Possession, Call a St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

If you or a loved one has been caught with an illegal opioid prescription, it is imperative that you seek qualified counsel immediately. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at  Khonsari Law Group are committed to helping people protect their legal rights and their futures. Please contact our attorneys immediately at 727-269-5300 or online for your free consultation. 

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