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Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida?

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Florida

The Florida Supreme Court has placed medical marijuana on the November general election ballot after hundreds of signatures were collected supporting this addition. If this proposed constitutional amendment passes by at least 60% of the vote, state health officials will need to sort out several and necessary details before distributing medical marijuana to the general public. Let’s first look at who would be qualified to use the drug and some other stipulations associated with the drug:

Who Would be Able to Use Medical Marijuana?

If the proposed constitutional amendment passes, an individual would first obtain a doctor’s certificate, stating that he or she qualifies for the drug. The Florida Department of Health would then issue an identification card to be shown at purchase. The identification card would let law enforcement officials know that the individual in question is indeed eligible for medical marijuana.

When Could A Patient Start Legally Using Marijuana?

The effective date of the proposed amendment is January 6th, 2015. After this date passes, the Department of Health must set regulations within six months and also begin to issue identification cards within nine months.

The Florida Voter

Poll after poll in Florida has shown that the majority of Florida voters support the legal use of medical marijuana. In fact, nearly 88% of voters support the idea.

Although it is not legal in the Sunshine State quite yet, polls have shown that the ballot proposal has a strong chance for success.

In addition, marijuana for recreational use will not be tolerated as it always has been. The bill in question only allows access to a particular strain of marijuana commonly known as “Charlotte’s Web.” This strain is effective with little to no psychoactive effects, making it great for those who don’t want their medication to affect their daily tasks. The drug would be grown and distributed through five dispensaries operated by established nursery owners in the state. Growers will also be closely monitored by state officials.

As for now, medical marijuana use remains illegal in the state of Florida. However, the strong influence of voters could change this is in the near future.

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