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Most Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Most Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries

Slip-and-fall accidents are sometimes viewed as frivolous lawsuits. Unfortunately, because so much suffering can result from a common slip-and-fall accident, it is essential to hold businesses and property holders responsible.

The National Safety Council reports that slip-and-fall accidents cause a high percentage of total injuries sustained by Americans of all ages each year. Serious injuries, including permanent disability and death, may result from slip-and-fall accidents. Even the most common slip-and-fall injuries can leave the victim with significant medical bills, including:

1. Head Injury

The victim may suffer a traumatic brain injury if his or her head strikes the ground. The impact of the slip-and-fall can leave lifelong consequences. Victims suffering brain damage may require extensive ongoing therapy and rehabilitation. Mobility, memory, behavior, and cognitive issues may affect his or her quality of life.

2. Neck, Spine, or Back Injury

A slip-and-fall accident, or attempting to prevent a fall from happening, may result in painful and difficult to treat injuries. A broken back, neck fracture, slipped spinal disk, or other issue relating to the central nervous system may result in chronic pain, surgery, and lost wages.

3. Hip or Pelvis Injury

A broken hip or fractured pelvis is a serious injury. Most slip-and-fall victims are older persons. Sadly, the senior victim are far more likely to fall or become seriously injured if a fall occurs. If a slip-and-fall accident breaks or fractures bones in the victim’s body, long-term nursing care or hip replacement may be necessary.

4. Ligament and Tendon Issues

Torn ligaments or tendons in your wrist, foot, or knee can cause serious consequences. Some injuries take at least several months to heal. Others require long-term physical therapy. Bad tears may require surgical repairs. Regardless, many patients with torn ligaments and tendons never fully recover.

Steps to Take After a Slip-and-Fall Injury

If you have a slip-and-fall that causes an injury, it is important to gather information about the incident right away. After a serious accident, for instance, you may need immediate medical care. An ambulance may be necessary to transport you to the hospital. Even if you cannot collect witness names, images, and other documentations on the spot, enlist the help of a friend or relative to do so as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Care

As with any serious injury, you must seek immediate medical care. Don’t assume that injuries are insignificant or minor. A doctor visit establishes the accident and resulting injuries. Since injuries may become more serious after the accident, it is also important to seek ongoing medical care per a doctor’s recommendation.

Seek Compensation

Lost income from a job, hire of caregivers for yourself or family members, and other expenses and losses incurred because of an injury can add up over time. You may be entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

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A slip-and-fall accident may evolve into a complex matter. The victim is always best protected by engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer. Call Khonsari Law Group, or contact us online for a free consultation concerning your case now.

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