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What Is Negligent Supervision?

What Is Negligent Supervision?

When we allow someone to watch over our child or elderly relative, we trust him or her to be an attentive caregiver. This person now has the duty to care and protect our loved one to the best of his or her abilities. So when someone is harmed due to a lack of supervision, the caregiver should be held accountable. Read on to discover more about negligent supervision.

What Is Negligent Supervision?

When you leave your child or elderly parent in the hands of another person, this person now has the duty to care for your family member. When your loved one is hurt because a caregiver breaches this duty of care by acting in a way that a reasonable person would not, then they are guilty of negligent supervision.

The level of supervision that a caregiver is expected to give varies on a number of factors, ranging from the age of the child to the activity being done. An example of the age being a factor would be a teacher doing arts and crafts with her students and allowing a five-year-old to use a hot glue gun unassisted. If this child burned himself or herself badly, the teacher could be found guilty of negligent supervision.

However, if the child were fifteen rather than five, the teacher would not be guilty of negligent supervision. It is reasonable to assume that a fifteen-year-old can use a hot glue gun independently, and the teacher has not neglected her duty of care.

Negligent Supervision of Children

When a caregiver fails to supervise your child or is inattentive, then your child can be seriously injured. Especially for younger kids, all it takes is a split second of a supervisor not paying attention for your child to have an accident. People who may be responsible for your child’s safety include:

Youth Counselors
The Child’s Friend’s Parents
Daycare Providers

Negligent Supervision of the Elderly

When our elderly parents or relatives go into a nursing home, we want to know someone is looking after them. Unfortunately, neglect in nursing homes is all too common. Staff, orderlies, nurses and even doctors in the nursing home can fail to provide care and supervision for your elderly relative, leading to serious injuries.

Protect the Ones You Love

If your child or elderly relative has been harmed due to a neglectful caregiver, do the right thing and contact the Khonsari Law Group today. We will fight vigorously for the rights of your loved one. Do not wait and come visit KLG for a free evaluation of your case.

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