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Open Container Laws in Tampa Bay: What to Know

Open Container Laws in Tampa Bay

In Florida, there are restrictions on possession of an open container of alcohol. The City of Tampa has also adopted open container restrictions that apply to every area within the Tampa city limits. Violations of the Florida law or Tampa ordinance may result in financial penalties. With the holiday season, and accompanying festivities, fast approaching, here is what you need to know.

State of Florida Restrictions on Open Containers

According to section 316.936 of the Florida Statutes, it is unlawful to possess an open container of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle or as a passenger. A violation of these restrictions may result in penalties.

A violation of this section may constitute an infraction with a fine. The fine varies depending on whether you were the driver or a passenger. A violation may also result in points being added to your driving record.

Tampa City Ordinance Restrictions on Open Containers

Tampa has adopted its own ordinances to restrict possession of open containers of alcohol. In Tampa, it is unlawful to possess an open container upon any street, sidewalk, alley or public property. This has an impact on block parties and other festivities. However, there is an exception to the ordinance, which allows individuals to possess open containers of alcohol if within the designated open container area of the Riverwalk Specialty Center.

A violation of this ordinance may result in a citation. A first violation may result in a $75 fine. A second offense is $150. A third offense is $300. A fourth or subsequent offense carries a $450 fine.

Contact Khonsari Law Group for Legal Representation

The attorneys at Khonsari Law Group can provide legal advice and representation for anyone who has been cited for a violation of the Florida or Tampa open container restrictions. Sometimes there may be valid defenses to the violation, which can result in a dismissal. An attorney can also provide advice to anyone who wants to make sure they do not violate the laws before hosting an event where alcohol will be present. Contact the Khonsari Law Group to schedule a consultation today.

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