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Probation Violations You Might Not Know

Probation Violations You Might Not Know

Those placed on probation might not fully comprehend the requirements they must fulfill during this period. The court takes probation seriously, and a probation officer will likely require offenders to adhere to a strict set of terms. If you are placed on probation, failure to comply means that you run the risk of violating your probation. This could lead to your arrest, a trip back to court, a longer probation term, additional sanctions or even time in prison. The following actions might result in a probation violation.

Associating with Other Criminals or Felons

Once you are granted probation, you might continue to hang out with old friends, even those with a criminal record. However, probation terms state that you can no longer associate with other criminals or felons. The courts feel that those with a criminal record are not a positive influence, and violating this term could result in serious consequences.

Failure to Pay Court Fees

Many do not have money saved away to access once they are granted probation. If this is your situation, you might decide to skip paying your probation fees and plan to make it up next month. Although this seems harmless, your probation officer will take your failure to pay very seriously. If your hours are cut or if you lose your job, talk to him or her about your concerns and ways to work out payment of your fees.

Special Terms

The judge and your probation officer have the right to enforce any applicable terms that might be relevant to your offense. These might include specific terms for domestic violence offenders, sex offenses, white-collar crimes, drug offense or DUIs. Review all terms carefully and ask your probation officer if you do not understand something about your probation.

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Since probation violation matters are serious, you do not want to risk your freedom by failing to retain competent legal counsel if you face a violation hearing. Call our determined attorneys or reach out to us online to for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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