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What Is a Product Recall?

What Is a Product Recall

All manufacturers are responsible for providing safe products to the public. The government works with manufacturers to ensure high quality and safety by setting safety standards that all products must meet. If somehow a product makes it to the market without meeting the standards, then the manufacturer or government may recall it.

How Does a Recall Work?

The government sets safety standards and guidelines for all products available to consumers. If a product is found to be in violation of these guidelines, then it will be recalled in one of two ways:

Manufacturer Recall: If a manufacturer discovers their product is defective, they may choose to recall it themselves. They will contact the appropriate government officials who will help issue the recall.

Government Recall: When the government discovers that a product is defective, they will contact the manufacturer and ask them to issue a recall. If the company does not wish to issue a recall, they may go against the government’s request. In this case, the government will most likely take the manufacturer to court.

How Do I Know About Recalls?

In most cases, it is the consumer’s job to learn about the recall. Usually, the manufacturer will have detailed instructions about how to return the item. However, for all current product recalls, you can visit recall.gov.

What Should I do if a Product Is Recalled?

After you learn that a product you own is being recalled, stop using the product at once. The manufacturer will have detailed instructions on how to deal with the defective item. You will either return it to the store in exchange for a working product, receive cash value, or the manufacturer will fix the product for you. What happens with the defective product will depend on the type of product and how serious of a health risk it poses.

Contact a Product Liability Attorney Today!

If the safety of you or someone you know has been put at risk by a recalled product, you may have a product liability case. Manufacturers have the duty to sell products that are safe to the public.

If a recalled product has caused you or your family injuries, you may be entitled to damages and should not wait. Call KLG today. We will fight vigorously on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve!

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