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Question: Can You Negotiate a Plea Bargain Without an Attorney?

St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Attorney

The answer to the question is “maybe, but you probably should not.”

Many people are reluctant to hire an attorney to help them settle their criminal case. If they do not see their case going to trial, they think they can handle a simple plea bargain on their own. Here are four reasons why that is a terrible idea:

  • The Prosecutor Doesn’t Represent You. When an unrepresented person negotiates a plea with a prosecuting attorney, it is a David and Goliath situation. While you may be a quick thinker or a fast talker, that is no substitute for legal training and experience. One of the oldest tricks in the book is the attorney you are negotiating with to speak to you in a way that conveys the idea that they are on your side. You may even begin to feel like they are “your lawyer.” Wrong. The prosecutor’s duty is to represent the best interests of the state, not your best interests. You need an attorney who is sworn to being on your side
  • Prosecutors Do This Every Day.  You probably won’t sleep well the night before our court date, but for the prosecuting attorney, this is just another day at work. They know the law, the judges and the way cases like yours go every day. Your best weapon is using a Florida criminal defense attorney who is just as experienced and savvy as the prosecutor. That puts you on a level playing field when considering a plea deal.
  • The Courthouse Environment is Intimidating. If you have ever set foot in a courthouse, you know that it is no picnic. Courthouses are busy, crowded places where everyone seems to know what they are doing. This environment is intimidating, especially for a person with no courthouse experience. Don’t let yourself be thrown off by the unknown. Use a lawyer who knows the ropes and will have your back.

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