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What Are My Rights While on Probation?

What Are My Rights While on Probation?

Sometimes when an individual is facing legal troubles, he or she may be given probation by a judge. As a type of alternative sentencing, probation may be given after a person serves time in jail or to instead of incarceration. While probation can come with strict terms and conditions, probation can ultimately be a second chance for those who may otherwise find themselves behind bars.

What are The Rules of Probation?

If you have found yourself on probation, you may be wondering what rights you have. While the terms and conditions of probation will depend on the individual and their specific crime, most probation sentences come with similar restrictions. Individuals who are placed on probation may have to adhere to the following rules or they risk being incarcerated:

  • Refrain from possessing any firearms
  • Remain employed
  • Abide to a specific curfew
  • Reside at a specific address
  • Refrain from leaving a certain jurisdiction
  • Follow all rules and guidelines set by the probation officer

While these are a general outline of some of the rules and restrictions an individual on probation may face, certain individuals could also be required to do the following if they are facing charges for serious crimes:

  • Refrain from possessing or using alcoholic beverages
  • Wear an electronic tagging monitor to track location
  • Submit repeated alcohol and drug testing
  • Participate in alcohol, drug or psychological treatment
  • Perform community service

Probation Violation

Violating probation comes with serious consequences. If a probation officer believes that a violation has been committed, a violation of probation claim is filed. This case will go before a judge who will request that the defendant prove their innocence. Ultimately, if a violation of probation is found to have been committed, the defendant can face severe penalties and jail time.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Probation Violation?

While you may not think that violating probation is as important as the original case, being found in violation of the terms of your probation can lead to serious consequences. You could lose certain privileges and often find yourself incarcerated. By working with a team of legal professionals, you can minimize the damages and increase your chances of retaining your rights and freedoms. The attorneys at the Khonsari Law Group are dedicated to handling a variety of cases including probation violations. Our team will work with you to build a supportive and powerful case. To learn more about how KLG can help defend your rights, call us today.

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